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A rubber roof, known in the roofing business as an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roof, has a lot of advantages and only a few disadvantages. One of the big advantages to rubber is the cost. Although a homeowner must use a licensed installer to lay down this roof, the cost of the entire job still favourably compares to the cost for other types of roofing. Not only is the roofing material itself less expensive than most other choices, but the product is also lightweight, and installation is fast and easy, reducing labour and installation costs. The rubber is glued into place, negating the use of heat, which can adversely affect a homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Whether residential or commercial, flat or low-slope, creating a watertight roof can be a challenging project. We offer everything you need for a simple and durable installation using only the highest quality membranes and accessories. Conveniently packaged for small to mid-sized applications. We are the right fit for every project from garages and patios to dormers and decks. Our systems are designed and tested for wearability, durability, and compatibility for flat or low-slope roof conditions. Following the simple step-by-step, our systems can be installed and maintained for a lifetime of performance. Not sure what you need? Let our online material calculator guide the way!

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